The project 960 W 7th Street, developed by Brookfield Properties, will consist of a 56-story tower comprising approximately 780 residences, indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, above- and below-grade parking, and retail. 

Construction began mid-June 2019 and is ongoing with a scheduled completion of 2022.

Standing Out in DTLA
Standing Out in DTLA

Standing Out in DTLA
Standing Out in DTLA



  • Tower deck pour complete (Level 7)

  • Podium deck pour on-going (Level P2)

  • All perimeter shotcrete complete (Tower & Podium)

  • Self-climbing tower core formwork is ongoing

  • Structural steel at elevator shafts & stairs is ongoing

  • Backfill operation between new and existing structure is ongoing

  • Demo at existing parking structure for new pedestrian tunnel complete

  • First crane jump complete (TC1 & TC2)


  • Tower deck forming, reinforcing, and pouring (Level 08-11)

  • Podium deck forming, reinforcing, and pouring (Level P2-P1)

  • Core wall rebar & concrete activities (Level 11-18)

  • Backfill operation between new and existing structure is ongoing

  • Removal of shoring piles along south public right-of-way


Structural concrete operations are ongoing at the 960 W 7th Street site located between the FIGat7th parking structure and 777 Tower.

It is our priority to communicate with our neighbors, and to the best of our ability, minimize the impact our construction activities may have on you, while maintaining a safe environment for the public and construction team, alike. 

To this end, we would like to share the following information about our construction-related activities:

  • The project is in compliance with CDC, OSHA, and City of Los Angeles guidelines concerning COVID-19 mitigation measures for Essential businesses.

  • Access to driveways on 8th Street will be maintained at all times. 

  • The two northern lanes on 8th Street in front of the project will be closed during Phase II of construction, as approved by LADOT.

  • Pedestrian access on 8th Street, in front of the project, will be maintained. 

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all trucks and equipment (such as forklifts) to have audible backup alarms. Additionally, the tower crane operators are required to sound their horn when hoisting a load overhead. 

  • Normal working hours: M-F: 7 am to 9 pm / Sat: 8 am to 6 pm

  • Approved extended work hours for soil export from 9 pm to 6 am

  • Approved extended work hours for concrete activities from 4am to 7am and 9pm to 11pm Monday - Friday


TCP phase 2 picture.png

Site Entrance is off of 8th Street

935 W 8th Street, 

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Project Hotline: 213-330-8136